Stroke Treatment at Upstate

Stroke Treatment

Certified by DNV Healthcare, Inc., the Upstate Stroke Center has the proven resources, infrastructure, processes and highly trained staff in place to provide the very best in stroke care, including:

  • Multidisciplinary approach that includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, interventional radiologists, and rehabilitation therapists
  • Three levels of specialized care: Specialized Neuroscience floor, Neuroscience step-down, and Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit all conveniently located on our 9th floor
  • Use of clot-busting tPA for ischemic stroke treatment
  • Catheter based therapy for those who don't respond to clot buster medication that extends the window of treatment to the first 8 hours of stroke symptoms
  • State of the art neurovascular and endovascular procedures for repair of aneurysms and other causes of hemorrhagic strokes (brain bleeds)
  • 24/7 board certified stroke neurologists
  • 24/7 onsite neurosurgery
  • 24/7 specialists in neurointerventional radiology
  • 24/7 neurocritical care specialists
  • 24/7 board certified emergency physicians
  • Specialized neuroscience nurses
  • Telemedicine capabilities to treat stroke patients in rural hospitals
  • Active participation in multiple clinical research trials to improve and advance stroke treatment

The Brain Experts

Stroke care depends on physicians, nurses, therapists and more. Patients who are wheeled into Upstate University Hospital’s emergency department suffering from stroke are likely to receive acute treatment and rehabilitative care under the same roof, followed by the same ensemble of providers.

The Upstate Stroke Center, the area’s first and only designated Comprehensive Stroke Center, features the region’s only specialized neuroscience and rehabilitation floors, with three levels of specialized nursing care. The neurologists, neurosurgeons and emergency physicians train students and conduct research that improves our understanding of how the brain works and how best to treat stroke. But they are always on call to care for patients with stroke.

Since becoming a stroke center, Upstate has also taken care of hundreds of complicated stroke patients who were too sick to be cared for at other hospitals in Central New York. The hospital’s stroke team works together to determine what treatment is best for each individual patient.